Fiction Friday: [All Beth Could Do]

[Today's Fiction Friday was a fun exercise I found via Writer's Digest Magazine. The prompt involved writing a story where each sentence begins with the next letter of the alphabet! Cool, right? Here's my go at it. Enjoy!]

Anger had her paralyzed and she knew she would have to fight her way out of the funk. Beth had never been one to shy away from controversy and today would be no different. Changes to the charter had sent a shockwave of anger throughout the women on campus. Declarations were to be formally made by the administration in the quad at three.

Everyone debated whether or not to boycott the mandatory meeting. For Beth, it was a no brainer. Going to the meeting and fighting to get her voice heard would be her chance to make a difference. Her only chance.

If they let them get away with this now, women would be relegated back to the Stone Age. Just meant to be seen and not heard. Kindred spirits would rally behind her, of that she was sure. Like-minded individuals not willing to allow the administration to fill classes based solely on gender. Men weren’t the only ones capable of solving complex scientific problems or performing complicated surgeries. Nothing they could say would justify their decision.

Oasis Corporation had recently become a huge benefactor of the university and it was no secret that their money was made off the misogynistic products they produced. Professors had been fired when they’d spoken out against allowing a company like theirs to sully the integrity of such a prestigious institution of higher education. Quite a few quit on their own when their objections proved useless.

Rallies popped up initially, but many were quickly sated by the upgrades and perks from the influx of money. So many had fallen under their spell then, but there was no way they would sit idly by with something as progress shattering as this. There was no way.

Unified they would not allow the women’s movement to be set back. Vetoing power would be wrested and placed in the students hands.

Walking toward the quad, Beth steeled her resolved, but as she looked around, she knew she wasn’t alone. Xeroxes of the meeting flyer were strewn all over the campus in ripped shreds. Yawping could already be heard from the meeting area, sending a jolt of pride through her body. Zigzagging through the crowd of both men and women, raising their voices in protest, Beth felt pretty confident about the future.