Fiction Friday:

Every week I post a short story, poem or personal essay for Fiction Friday. It's my little way of continuing to hone my writing skills and it's also a fun way to try on different genres.


Description coming soon!


Matt and Kara Miller, could never have imagined—when they parted ways in the morning—that their commute home would be a nightmare that far exceeds crowded subway cars and delayed trains. After a virus hits New York—and the city’s first known carrier dies—they learn the hard way that those who succumb to the virus don’t stay down for long. Armed only with skills acquired working in the film business and a ragtag team of co-workers and strangers, Matt and Kara will have to make heartrending choices as they fight their way through the island of Manhattan—and the growing number of undead—to make it back home and more importantly to each other.

THE IMPOSSIBLE meets THE WALKING DEAD, THE LONGEST COMMUTE will have you equally rooting for love and questioning whether or not you have what it takes to survive in the face of a viral apocalypse. (ON QUERY)


After watching his mother wither away, both physically and mentally, gerontologist Arden Hollingberry dedicates his life to diminishing the physical and cognitive decline that occurs with age. But as donations to his foundation begin to dwindle, he accepts funding from a powerful source to continue his work. A source that just might have an agenda of their own.

In THE LONGEST COMMUTE, a virus turns New York City into a playground for the undead. A virus named after Hollingberry. But is he really to blame?

THE GIFT a Short Story

George and Margie were married for 45 years before her mind began to deteriorate. Forty-six years when she stopped speaking all together. Then, on a beautiful fall day, George receives a gift greater than he could ever have imagined.

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