Scene Stealers #16

I was a little hesitant. A little nervous. But I finally did it.

After watching others publicly participate in writing prompt exercises I have finally taken the leap myself! I was always amazed at how willingly the writers put themselves out there and admittedly a little jealous.

Not anymore!

Write to Done has their own version of writing prompt exercises called Scene Stealers. They provide the first two lines of the work and limit you to 350 words. The rest is up to you!

I wasn't having a very good day with my novel so I decided to take a break. I figured that I would just see how it goes. Well, within 10 minutes I had written and posted my entry onto the site.

And yes, I posted it quickly as to not lose my nerve.

Anyhow here are the starting lines that we were given:

He pushed the door open and went in. It was the last thing he expected.

Following is what I came up with:

He pushed the door open and went in. It was the last thing he expected. The room was filled with rolling racks laden with sparkly gowns and women’s lingerie. Stiletto heels lined the walls. To his left was a table full of accessories and makeup.

“Behind that door is my payback,” she had said.

He had smirked at her knowing that there was nothing she would be able to think of that he couldn’t handle. After all at this school he was king and she was nothing.

Sure, Principal Jones took her stupid side in this whole thing, but he knew deep down that she was only doing it to seem politically correct. She knew as much as he did, hell as much as everyone did that Darlene was a total lesbian. So what was the big deal about using a Sharpie on her locker to advertise it? Gay pride, right?

“Darlene gets to choose your punishment.” Principal Jones had said and he was relieved. So much so that he gave Darlene a wink as he exited the office.

He was annoyed that she waited so long to come up with her payback. Even more annoyed that she waited until the day of prom. He was anxious to get it over with so he could start getting ready. He was a lock for Prom King and having the head cheerleader on his arm only bolstered his excitement.

Slowly the realization started to hit him and all of the excitement began to melt away.

He had waited anxiously for a prom that he would never forget and it seemed that Darlene was going to make his dream come true.

All I knew going in was that I wanted a male character to walk into a room full of women's clothing.  I honestly had no idea where the story was going to go, but I like where it ended up. Are there things that make me wish I would have spent more than 10 minutes on it? Of course, but it doesn't diminish the pride I have in taking a tangible first step in putting myself out there.

The variety in how others treated the lines is pretty amazing. You can check out the other entries or join in on the fun here.  [Scroll down to the comments section].

Do you participate in writing prompt exercises? Am I the only one out there scared to put myself out there? Comment below!