Fiction Friday: [Sanctuary]

[This week's Fiction Friday is my submission for Scene Stealers #20. Scene Stealers is a fun writing prompt from Write to Done where they provide the first two--or in this case three--sentences and limit your word count to 350. Enjoy!]

You’re surprised when the usher hands you an envelope with your name on it. How would anyone know you’d be watching this movie here, now? You open the envelope. 

Your fingers pause between the envelope and the card tucked within. Seriously, who would know you were here? This theater was your secret sanctuary. Your hideaway in moments when you were feeling down or, in this case, mad.

David doesn’t even know about this place.


How a fight about not washing the dishes had turned into not caring about the relationship was beyond you

Curious, you free the card and handwritten in thick, blocky letters it read: TURN OVER.

You flip it and see the words: LOOK UP.

The screen flickers and the over stylized car chase that had filled it fades to white. Murmurs well up throughout the theater, but you don’t take your eyes off the screen. Another flicker and you gasp as David appears thirty feet tall on the screen.

“Hi honey. I know you’re confused, probably even wondering if you’re crazy, but trust me, you’re not. I guess the first thing I should do is apologize for the stupid fight this morning, but it was the only way to get you here.”

Your heart is pounding so hard that the sound of it in your ears threatens to drown out his words.

“I know you come here when you want to wallow, but I hope after today it becomes a place that you come to when you want to lift your spirits. I hope it becomes the place that reminds you of how much I love you and the day that you agreed to become my wife.”

The house lights come up as the screen fades to black. The audience stands and as your eyes go from face to face you recognize your family and friends. In unison they all extend their arms to your right and at the end of the aisle stands David. You turn to face him and he drops to one knee.

Then, you christen your transformed sanctuary with tears of joy.