The outpouring of love for Sarah Jones has not only touched my heart, it has given me hope. Hope that her death will give all of us the strength to speak up for every crew member whose safety is being marginalized. As freelancers, our next job is based on our reputation and speaking up about safety should not get you labeled as a troublemaker, as I have witnessed too many times. We have to do better.

If the Academy honors Sarah during the In Memoriam portion of the Oscars telecast this weekend it would send a clear message. Not only that Sarah mattered, but all of us whose names and faces you don’t know, whose jobs you don't understand, who don’t bring in the $20 million paychecks—matter.

I never had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Jones, but she was a crew member. She was my family. I hope you will join me in honoring her memory by staying vigilant until the safety of every member of the team is more important than the shot.

[All photos were taken from Slates for Sarah. If you want to see amazing love from all over the world, I highly recommend following them.]