Fiction Friday: [Advantage Fara]


I wiped the blood from my lip as a smile spread across my face. Although it wasn’t my intention, the fact that it angered her was a bonus. When you’re angry, you’re not focused. She lunged at me and I crouched down sideswiping her leg. Before her head hit the ground I was on top of her, my knees digging into her thighs, my hands gripping her wrists.

The whistle blew and I got off of her.

“Advantage Fara.”

I looked across the mat as she shook out her arms and rolled her wrists. I shot a little smirk her way in hopes of riling her up even more.  It was easy to see that it had worked.

On the whistle, we cautiously made our way toward one another. I could see in her eyes that her judgment had clouded. She hated me and that trumped all her years of training.

I scanned her body noting that her breathing had elevated, her fists were tight, her core slack, her lip curled. Instead of scanning me for weak spots she kept her eyes locked on mine.

When she lunged at me again, I lowered my shoulder into her soft abdomen and used the momentum to flip her behind me. Landing on her back, I heard the unmistakable sound of the wind being knocked out of her.

Using my knees, I pinned her shoulders and my hands to pin her knees. She was not happy about it. Spitting expletives, she thrashed under my grasp and only grew angrier and more insulted when I didn’t budge.

Finally, the whistle blew.

“Advantage Fara.”

As I rose, she kicked me in the butt causing me to stumble forward. The ref blew the whistle again and raised the red flag. I laughed as I made my way to the side of the mat. She was seething.

Searching the stands I found Agent Olandu and watched as she scribbled into a notepad bearing the TELIA seal. I hoped she was writing about me. At sixteen years, four months and three days I was determined to be the youngest recruit pulled from the academy. And after that I would work hard to become the best agent they ever had.

The whistle blew and my focus tunneled once again to the task at hand. One more pin and I would be one step closer to my goal. Unfortunately for her, she was only going to get angrier. Advantage me.